The theater was back in bother … now the compensation was one hundred twenty lakhs.

You may have detected of the solid being replaced by a solid of actors, however no mention has been product of the solid, and therefore the actors have already received a reservation.Therefore, we’ve freely secure you that you simply can pay one hundred twenty,000 Myanmar monetary unit (US $ 120) in compensation for the plight of the film house manager in Hlaing Win in urban center for a lot of of the show and television commercials. As secure, however, you’re perpetually shuffling your maturity date, and that we ar asking you to come back to America at the newest and set payment point (5/12/2019) at constant time.

We would wish to additional inform that if the point is ready (5/12/2019), it’ll be notified that the proceedings are delivered to the court in accordance with the legal procedure.He has received tons of fan support within the film industry, and author account, World Health Organization is additionally the president of the pageant, aforesaid that the matter isn’t the matter of patrician Zarni Nani however all the issues associated with the motion picture.“We aren’t a powerhouse. we tend to had to upset regardless of the members of the family of stage were doing. I spoke to the native administrator doubly and spoke with him doubly. ”

“Before that, the cluster and also the party had to figure along. The crew came back home with none danger. Thanks additionally to the residents of the Royal Palace. I appreciate it. we tend to additionally price it. we tend to square measure negotiating money matters, ”said chemical element account, chairman of the association.Poe account aforesaid the rationale why he uncomprehensible the show wasn’t due to his health however due to his health.

“This isn’t the sole time the series has unsuccessful. There square measure difficulties. it absolutely was constant with future match that he paid Rs fifty hundred thousand. currently the actor isn’t in physiological state once the motion picture is prepared. therefore the money problems square measure negotiating. it’ll work fine. The actor is presently within the hospital, ”said Po account.Po account must take control of the metropolis Art Center. He additionally aforesaid there square measure exciting news for the film industry.

“We square measure those World Health Organization will fill in the audience. we tend to square measure trusted. The audience relies. The those who rely on them got to be happy. The audience should be respectful. it’s completely different for every people to just accept one another. i would like you to grasp that each creator may be a soul, which there’s somebody’s feeling that there’s somebody’s right. The audience has to perceive that. ”

“Another is regarding the land for the opera. A young man in Pagan was terribly getting ready to ME. The friend offered ME the maximum amount area as he required next to the building he was building. I actually have been there too. i’m engaged on Associate in Nursing opera on the bottom. there is a heap to be in serious trouble the film industry. “Po account account is one in all the foremost well-known and fashionable actors within the Asian nation screenland. he’s additionally operating arduous on the film industry.

He aforementioned that Zarni Nani himself had apologized within the morning on Gregorian calendar month twenty five, and had settled with a compensation of three hundred hundred thousand Myanmar monetary unit.He was warned to sign a contract with five hundred million kyats (10 Gregorian calendar month 14th) on Gregorian calendar month ten, once he was employed to perform at the Model Yar Palace in Amarapura administrative division.

“He met with the chairman and therefore the chairman of the meeting this morning and apologized. I additionally in agreement to pay three hundred lakhs compensation. He was in the course of his doctor. The Secretariat of the urban center Region is additionally the secretary. He aforementioned he could not attend the event attributable to his family. ” The match was canceled because of the director’s absence, and 3 cars and instrumentation remained with the committee. He aforementioned he’s currently able to recover the money and acquire things back. The compensation date may be set at a convenient date, he said.Thaksin letter Moe Win has been replaced, and he has been employed without charge on the third day of the month.

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